Our small mammals have something that most others do not. Itís something you will not miss in fin or feather but makes all the difference in the world when it comes to our furred creatures.ď

ExpressionĒ, itís nearly impossible to describe and even harder to recreate from the look of curiosity a raccoon has lying on a limb, to the cunning gaze of a stalking coyote.

Anybody can slip a skin over a manikin, sew it up if itís a fox you will know itís a fox. But our staff are avid trappers. We have studied these amazing animals all are lives gaining knowledge of anatomy, muscle structure, and proper facial characteristics you would be amazed by how just a slight raise of an eyebrow or the tweak of an ear can change the whole attitude (expression) of the mount. Your award winning staff will make your next fur barer come alive. Let us be creative unique Poses and natural habitat scenes can be endless.


  • Keep from direct sunlight, heat vents, woodstoves, and fireplaces.

  • Dust regularly, a blow dryer set on low or no heat works great to remove dust that has settled in fur. It will also lift and style the fur better than a brush removing any marks from handling.

  • Clean eyes with a damp Q-Tip.

  • Occasionally mist mount and habitat with an insecticide (such as Raid etc.)

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