Our award winning staff at St. Clair Flats Taxidermy creates the most artistic lifelike fish mounts you will find anywhere.

“We start by hand carving all our own fish bodies making a pattern and taking exact measurements off your fish, by carving our own bodies your fish can be posed in any position you can imagine. From a gentle S curve to an extreme jumping tail bend. Many others use mass produced commercial manikins one size fits all with very limited positions available. Next is the finish work. No detail is overlooked from the natural gills and detailed mouth interiors to the transparent flexible fins. Finally, but the most important step in creating a truly lifelike trophy is in the painting. We use a combination of transparent and semi transparent air brush paint allowing the original markings and spot patterns to show through. Along with hand painting and scale tipping depending on the species.”

With our artistic ability to create water splashes, underwater natural scenery, action fighting poses or three dimensional pedestal mounts. Do not settle for an ordinary fish mount. Let us create a truly unique trophy for your home or office.


  • Keep from direct sunlight, heat vents, woodstoves, and fireplaces.

  • Dust regularly

  • To remove dust from between scales blow off lightly with compressed air. If necessary lightly wipe down with a paper towel dampened with Windex from head to tail

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