Birds each in themselves are one of natureís most beautiful creatures. From the soft subtle coloration and intricate feather patterns of the Ruffed Grouse to the bright vivid iridescent colors of a drake wood duck or rooster pheasant. 

They are also one of the most delicate and tedious to mount, hours alone can be spent on proper feather placement. While many taxidermists mount very few birds and find themselves struggling with them we at St. Clair Flats Taxidermy mount more waterfowl and upland birds then others mount deer. Although they are one of the more artistically challenging creatures to mount, we find them one of the most enjoyable.

Our bird mounts have won numerous awards and we pride ourselves in being an industry leader producing some of the finest bird mounts available anywhere. Whether youíre looking for an elegant yet simple mount for your mantle or an artistically crafted habitat diorama you can trust the staff at St. Clair Flats Taxidermy.


  • Keep from direct sunlight, heat vents, woodstoves, and fireplaces.

  • Dust regularly with a feather duster carefully following the lay of the feathers so not to disturb their placement.

  • Clean eyes and feet with a damp Q-Tip.

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